Friday, March 14, 2008

The epoxy bonanza begins.

This is where the job can get messy. This is where a beginner will use more epoxy than an experienced builder and if this is your first build, this is likely (maybe) the beginning to running out of epoxy before you finish the boat. So, be prepared to order some more epoxy resin and hardener should you run a little short. Do not feel you did something wrong if you need more.

Ok, bow and stern we are using fiberglass tape on interior joints. Cut the tape to length ahead of time, lay it in onto the still wet fillets and wet it out, trying to clean up any pooling at the center of the hull. The tape is thick, it will want a lot of epoxy. Make good use of any excess by wetting out the entire inside of the hull in that compartment to seal the wood.

I had to order more epoxy, even trying to work neat and minimize waste. It happens.

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