Friday, March 14, 2008

Cockpit fiberglass.

Needing extra strength in the cockpit, we are not going to just tape the joints. Take the time to brush out the fiberglass, either by hand or with a dry paint brush, so it is flat and smooth without wrinkles. In other words, get it the way you want it, if it has wrinkles dry, it will have wrinkles wet and once wet, sort of too late to do a nice, neat job.

It is a little more difficult to wet out the fiberglass working inside, just takes a little more patience, so by the time you make it to the outside, you will be good at it and it counts a lot more when you are working on the outside of the boat.

The glass will turn transparent when wet out without any air pockets. You won't fill the weave here on the first shot, so do not try. Use a plastic squeegy to spread the epoxy around, minimize pooling at the center of the hull.

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