Thursday, March 20, 2008

Take the easy way out.

After a day or so, when all those clamps come out of the cockpit, what is left, no matter how clean you tried to work, is a bunch of jagged edged, rock hard, cured silica/epoxy. The instruction manual will have you sanding, scraping this rock hard material to an eventually smooth finish. After five minutes of the scraping and not getting very far, I decided to look to the help of power tools.

I plugged in my new jigsaw with a new hi-tech type blade that won't easily bend or splinter the edges of the finished woodwork and cut a very thin line all the way around the inside of the cockpit, which left me with new, clean wood, a good place to be. Then some finish sanding and rounding over the cockpit rim. Remember to sand underneath the cockpit edge where there surely will be some rough edges from dripping epoxy/silica.

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