Monday, March 17, 2008

Got clamps?

You are gonna need them. If you think you have enough, you probably need some more.

First picture is a quick shot of the recessed 'invisible' rear hatch. The kit comes with toggles to hold the hatches down but I opted to use blocks, hooks and bungie underneath, so no hardware is visible outside. I will post a pic of the set up for this when it is finished.

In the second picture, all those clamps are needed to bend the wood and keep pressure on the contact points between the deck, the two spacers and the cockpit rim. Actually, I could have used a few more clamps myself. The epoxy this time was thickened to a mustard consistency with silica as the thickening media. You do not want it runny at all and we always use silica instead of wood flour when clamping wood together in this fashion. Strong springloaded clamps are best in this application. You can use c-clamps as you see in the photo, just be careful not to overtighten them, which would result in starving the joints of epoxy by forcing it all out.

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Danny said...

Joe, you've got a nice one coming along also. If you are like me, I can hardly wait to get this thing finished and on the water.