Friday, March 14, 2008

Glassing the hull.

Now time to glass the outside of the hull. 1 full wrap all the way up to the deck joint, plus another wrap overlapped the sides, plus an extra protection strip bow and stern. A lot to wet out but by now everyone is getting good at this stuff, making a neat job of it and working faster, accomplishing more.

Taking the time in the beginning to brush out all the wrinkles in preparation for a neat job really pays off here.

I did had to snip and tuck at the stern because it wouldn't brush out wrinkle free in this area, as problem free as it did at the bow. No big deal, one snip and the stern brushed out just as clean with no air pockets.
Just wet it out, do not try to fill the weave on the first shot. Use the plastic squeegy to squeeze out all excess.

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